Wednesday, August 21, 2019


Flying your Zagi for the first time

After you have had someone do a complete check follow these simple instructions to get started flying for the first time.

First make sure your throttle is at the lowest position on the transmitter. Now turn on the transmitter. Plug in the battery in the Zagi.

Check all controls to make sure they operate properly. Push the stick to the right, the right elevon will go up and the left one will go down. Pull back on the stick and both should go up. Holding the plane so the prop won’t hit anything check the motor for proper operation.

Go to a big field, i.e. School football field or large park. Make sure you have a clear area to fly in. No kids running around where you might be landing. Throw the Zagi into the wind at the horizon (not up) The Zagi should glide in a straight line to the horizon with very little control input. If it turns, dives or climbs real fast then adjust the trim tabs next to the stick to make it glide straight. Pushing forward on the stick or trim tab will make the Zagi go down, pulling back on the stick or trim makes it go up. Pushing right on the stick or trim makes the Zagi roll right and pushing left makes the Zagi roll left. Practice throwing the Zagi for a few flights making sure the trims are correct.


After a few successful glides on the Zagi it is time to exercise your throttle finger. After throwing the Zagi and maintaining a few seconds of level flight, turn the motor on to full for a few seconds then turn it off and continue the glide until landing. After a few successful attempts with extended glides with the motor on then you will feel better about the next step. Never land the Zagi with the motor running, this will cause you to ruin the prop hub and you will have to buy another one. ($5.99 for a pack of 3)

To make a turn with the Zagi you need to know the proper sequence of control inputs. From level flight bank the Zagi by pushing the stick right or left just a little. The Zagi will start to roll in that direction. If you hold the stick it will roll upside down then that poses even more challenges. Just roll a little then center the stick. The Zagi will start to descend so you will need to pull back on the stick just a little to keep it in the air. This will also cause the Zagi to continue the turn. To stop the turn you have to push the stick in the opposite direction back to level flight.

Now that you can fly away from you (into the wind) it is time to make the first turn. Remember, after you turn back toward yourself the control direction is backwards. Up and down are still correct it is just turning that will give you trouble. Throw your Zagi, turn the motor on and climb about 25′ up straight ahead. Turn the motor off and make the first 180 degree turn back toward yourself. Let the Zagi glide and see what happens next. Remember to turn the motor off before turning so you don’t pile drive it into the ground. Practice this until you understand the turn and control toward yourself.

New you know a little about what it takes to fly the Zagi and only practice will get you flying like a pro.

Making short flights will build confidence in your ability. Do the short hops for a pack or two or until you feel you can go a little longer. (Remember: walk before you run) You do not have to fly at full throttle, it is a speed control and slow is good also!

If a part gets broken remember that it was only built with tape and 3M77 adhesive so it can be repaired easily if you save all the broken parts. Some parts are better replaced so check with us for all replacement parts. Don’t make modifications to the Zagi wing or airfoil. It works great just like it is!

If you need help from a pro, bring your Zagi with a charged battery to the shop. If we are not real busy one of us can do a test flight to check things out.

Happy Flying

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