Wednesday, August 21, 2019


We have put together a few tips on building and flying your Zagi that we found useful.

The first step we suggest is to read the entire instruction manual and then follow the steps for the elivon painting. This is done so that when you get to this step you won’t be waiting on the paint to dry before you move on.

Use shoe goo or other silicon based adhesive to attach the motor to the plastic pod this keeps it from coming out on hard impacts with the ground.

When gluing the wing cores together use the 3M 77 spray adhesive. Doing this will keep the center section foam from getting brittle.

Add a strip of plastic to your batteries so they will be easier to find when they eject from the plane on impact. It has saved us several times especially in FULL CONTACT COMBAT
Strain relief for the speed control receiver wires. Use a small zip tie to tie the receiver wires to one of the power wires it is next to.
Once the elivons are painted and ready to install take a piece of the strapping tape starting at the trailing edge of the elivon wrap it around the leading edge and back up the trailing edge to the top of the wing this will also make your hinge. This needs to be done at both ends and the middle of each elivon this will help the elivon not to split length wise.
When the speed control is put in the plane, loop the wires around itself and put a zip tie on them so that when the battery is pulled out of the plane in the event of a crash the strain is on the motor not the speed control.
You will get better power to the motor if you will solder the wires directly to the motor tabs.
Z bends are hard to get perfect so we used the Solder Link part # 112 from DuBro to make it easier.
Mount the receiver down in the foam as far forward as possible to help with the Center of Gravity which needs to be exactly were the plans call for it. (400 Kit Only not 400X)
Cut the nose back a little from the leading edge of the plane. This will let the foam absorb some of the impact not the plastic.
Use the extra foam that is in the kit to make a landing and launching skid on the bottom of the plane.
The props have to be turned around were the lettering is toward the back of the airplane as shown in the picture.
We found that the lexan tips cause the plane to wonder find some coraplast sign material and cut your own wing tips this will help stability in flight.
When installing the receiver in the Zagi 400 X the instruction call for it to be placed in the nose of the airplane. Don’t put it there mount it in the wing on either side of the electronics pod this will protect the receiver in a crash. Also note the servos are laying down in the wing not standing upright.
Note receiver is half way under tray with xtal on the outside for easy changing if necessary. The receiver will be covered by the colored tape when the tray is taped on. (Zagi 400X)
This is a placement guide for the servos and the receiver. It shows that the right servo plugs into channel 1 on the receiver and the left servo plugs into channel 2 of the receiver. It also shows where to cut out for the receiver on the Zagi 400X.
Cut a small piece of scrap foam and glue it with 3M 77 to the front of your 400X to help pad the battery from damage in a crash..
Place the Spar in the top of the wing on the 400X.


Stay Tuned we will be adding updates as we discover them.

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